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Drive along Memorial Avenue towards the City until you reach Fendalton Road (the second stretch of dual highway).


Turn right onto Straven Road at lights. Keep going towards the hills for approximately 5 Kms until the roundabout at the foot of the hills.


Take the third exit (right) along Cashmere Rd.


Take the third road on the Left and on up the hill (Hackthorne Rd).


After 1 Km there is an angled crossroad. Keep to the left across Dyers Pass Rd and on up the hill for 1 Km until you come to an old Gothic building on the right--the Sign of the Takahe.  

Angle to the left past the Takahe and up Victoria Park Rd.


First left (30 metres) is Longhurst and the first right after about 50 metres is Amherst Place.  Our house is the second on the left.

Approximate time from airport 30 to 35 minutes.

By taxi about $65 to $75